How To: Create a Workplace Safety Program

If your business hasn’t made a workplace safety program yet, now is the time! Use this guide.

A workplace safety program is one of the most important things your business can develop. Businesses with a solid safety program in place have fewer workplace injuries, pay fewer injury-related insurance claims (so they pay lower premiums), and have happier employees. The last last might seem far-fetched, but workers who feel they’re being taken care of have higher morale! In short, it’s worth the energy to put together a good workplace safety program.

Need help? Follow these steps!

  1. Figure out your needs. What are your specific workplace risks? Understand where there is a possibility for an incident. Walk through your property and think through your daily activities to pinpoint any areas that need special loss control attention. Think about risks specific to your workplace, the activity conducted in it, and the environment your work creates.
  2. Get it in writing. Once you know what hazards you need to address, create written protocols for doing so. Write out a program for:
    1. Hazard communication
    2. Energy control and safety
    3. Use of protective equipment
    4. Emergency protocols
    5. Fire prevention
    6. Other relevant procedures
  3. Spread the word. Your safety plan means nothing if you don’t get it into the right hands. Educate and train your employees on proper loss control measures. Be especially diligent in training new hires on your safety program, as they have the highest risk for accident and injury.
  4. Stay on top of it. If an accident does happen, thoroughly investigate it and update your safety program to prevent it in the future. It’s also a good idea to evaluate your program each year.

A thorough, documented workplace safety program can help your business save on its insurance costs! To learn more, or for help developing your workplace safety program, contact PMC Insurance Group.

By PMC Insurance Group

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