When Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Staffing Agencies Makes a Big Difference!

After an injury, the importance of workers’ compensation insurance for staffing agencies becomes apparent.

You know that the work your temporary staffing agency clients do is unique. When businesses need help – and usually need it fast! – they’re there. With their distinctive line of work come particular challenges. For example, they do their best to train temporary staff to avoid workplace injuries and to vet companies. The goal, of course, is to only send workers to employers who value safety. Even so, you and your account can’t guarantee proper safety protocols will be followed. That’s why workers’ compensation insurance for staffing agencies is crucial.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that once your client sends a person to their temporary employer, they’re no longer liable for his or her injuries! If an accident does occur, they’ll need to get involved.

OSHA says that a temporary employee is the shared responsibility of both your account and their client company. They’ll be called the “lessor employer,” as they can do their best to supply basic training but the onus to offer site specific training falls on the employer.

That’s good news for your reporting processes. As the primary employer, the client company is solely responsible for recording and reporting the injury.

That doesn’t mean you can completely avoid paying out for the injured temporary employee’s injury. Because your client has a shared responsibility with the employer, you need to be prepared to be involved in the claims process and pay a portion of the resulting costs.

Workers’ compensation insurance for staffing agencies is here for this exact scenario. With this kind of coverage in place, the expense of the injury will be covered by your client’s policy, not their business. That means they can rest easy knowing that even if one of their temporary employees gets injured, they’ll be able to take care of him or her – and their staffing agency. If you have any temporary staffing accounts, contact PMC Insurance Group to get them the protection they need.

By PMC Insurance Group

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