Workers’ Compensation Insurance Guidelines for Staffing Agencies

Here are the most important workers’ compensation insurance guidelines for temporary staffing agencies.  

Nearly every business needs to carry workers’ compensation coverage, but the amount needed varies from business to business. While this kind of change is standard, you see significantly more when it comes to temporary staffing agencies. That’s because the number of employees, type of work, and hours worked generally vary from week to week, if not from day to day. To help you understand what could feel like complicated coverage, here are the most important workers’ compensation insurance guidelines for temporary staffing agencies.

  • Recordkeeping. The number one thing your temporary staffing agency needs to worry about is keeping diligent records. Your insurer will need to know how many employees you have at any given time, plus the type of work in which they’re engaged, how much they’re working, and how they’re being paid. Make sure your records also include each employee’s full name, Social Security number, job title, dates of employment, gross pay, and job classification.
  • Classification. Speaking of job classification, let’s get clear on what we mean. Your insurer uses job classification to determine how much risk your employee is taking on in a given day. It’s important that you know how to accurately classify jobs to ensure your staff have the right level of coverage.
  • Hours. On top of the type of work your employees are doing at their temporary positions, you need to keep thorough track of their worked hours (even those that are paid on a salary basis).

Clearly, there’s some work to be done to follow these workers’ compensation insurance guidelines for temporary staffing agencies. We can help! If you want to have an expert assess your unique agency and ensure your employees are properly documented and insured, contact PMC Insurance Group today.  We specialize in insuring temporary staffing agencies and can put our expertise to work for you.

By PMC Insurance Group

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