Be Aware of These Workers’ Compensation Challenges in 2016

These workers’ compensation challenges are coming in 2016. Are you ready?

2016 is well on its way, but there’s a lot more year ahead of us. Are you ready to take it on with the businesses you insure? Be advised of these upcoming workers’ compensation challenges in 2016 so you can craft solutions to best serve your commercial clients.

The Affordable Care Act.

We still haven’t figured out the ACA as a nation (you’ve probably heard about people missing open enrollment or being surprised by penalties at tax time), so it’s not surprising that it’s still shifting the workers’ compensation industry. From changing reimbursement models to the motivation to change employee benefit packages to avoid the upcoming “Cadillac tax,” your clients may need to make adjustments due to the ACA. Be informed so you can answer questions and offer guidance.


There has been some debate that workers’ comp isn’t doing what is was originally intended to accomplish. People are questioning the cost of coverage and the leftover gaps that leave employees and employers exposed. Be prepared to address questions about the efficacy of workers’ comp head-on because your clients may start asking questions this year.

The election year.

Of course, you already know that it’s a presidential election year. The upcoming voting will also put five insurance commissioner positions up for grabs. Do your homework and vote wisely, because those commissioners have a significant hand in shaping procedures and their enforcements.


In 2016, OSHA is upping the requirements for reporting and recordkeeping. Although this will likely be a challenge for your clients, you can spin it positively. Because your clients are already needing to keep more information about their loss prevention programs for OSHA, you can serve them by helping them leverage this information for discounted rates.

For help overcoming these challenges to offer your clients the best programs and products, contact PMC Insurance Group.

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