Who is PMC Insurance Group?

What you need to know about PMC Insurance Group.

At PMC, we live by the motto, “Your success is our success.” We understand that helping your insurance business see growth – in your staff, in your expanding operations, in your offered products, and in your bottom line – helps us have the ability to continue to serve you, so we’re invested in seeing your business thrive.

How do we do that? PMC Insurance Group was originally created to help the independent insurance agent get more out of his or her work. We aim to help you improve your marketing reach by offering you top-tier workers’ compensation products and programs no matter your client’s business size or type.

We’ve been serving thousands of insurance agencies across the country for a decade, so we’ve been able to hone the support and resources we offer. Our expert staff is here to help you place the right policies for your hard-to-insure clients, then respond any hard-to-answer questions that might arise.

We do this by working with several carriers who have a wide underwriting scope. We’ve worked hard to develop relationships with A.M. Best A Rated carriers so we can offer their products to you. We also write in almost every state so that you can best serve your clients no matter where they’re located.

Whether you’ve got difficult accounts, such as a client who was cancelled for non-payment, or a difficult class of business such as contracting, restaurant, or manufacturing, we can step in to ensure you have the right workers’ compensation solutions for your clients.

If you’re an insurance looking for better options, better support, and better resources, contact PMC Insurance Group. We’ll leverage our in-house tools, connections with carriers, and years of expertise to ensure you have the right safety and loss control products and programs in place for all of your clients.

By PMC Insurance Group

Since 1996, PMC Insurance Group has worked to help independent agents grow their client base by offering workers' compensation solutions for a wide array of businesses. As one of the most distinguished workers' compensation wholesalers in the country, we have the tools and resources to help you create coverage programs for both small businesses and large accounts.