Who is Held Liable When an In-Home Caregiver Sustains Injury?

Who will compensate an in-home caregiver if they are injured?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those in the healthcare industry face considerable risk for workplace injury.  The risk for injury makes sense as healthcare professionals, such as nurses and in-home caregivers, are tasked with repetitive physical activity and are regularly exposed to illness, chemicals, and drugs.  While nurses and other medical professionals who work in a hospital setting have workers compensation coverage through their employer, who provides coverage for in-home caregivers?  Here is what you need to know about workers compensation for home healthcare.

  • Agency Employment

If you are employed through an agency, then your employer will offer you workers compensation insurance coverage.  This coverage should meet your state’s legal minimums and will offer coverage for your lost wages, medical treatment, and rehabilitation costs in the event that you sustain injury or become ill while on the job.  Oftentimes, in-home caregivers are safer working for a professional agency because they are guaranteed workers comp coverage and are afforded more protections.

  • Household Employment

If you are an independent contractor or self-employed and a family has hired you directly to care for their loved one, then the homeowners will be liable for the injuries you sustain while working.  Many families assume that their homeowners insurance will cover the cost of an injured caregiver’s medical bills, rehabilitation, and lost wages.  Unfortunately, homeowners insurance coverage is limited at best.  While some policies will cover a small portion of workers compensation costs, many will deny coverage completely.  If families wish to hire an independent in-home caregiver, they will need to secure specialty coverage for their injury costs.  Before you agree to work as an independent contractor, make sure the family has the right insurance to offer you the protection that you need.

This is what you need to know about in-home caregiver injury liability and workers compensation for home healthcare.  Do you have additional questions regarding your unique workers compensation coverage needs?  If so, then contact the experts at PMC Insurance Group.  Our highly-trained professionals are eager to assist you with all your commercial coverage needs today.

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