What to Do When Workers’ Compensation Is Not Enough!

When workers’ compensation is not enough, what are employees to do? Where can they find other sources of money?

Injuries are common occurrences across the nation, and your client’s business may be next. While all employees face a certain degree of danger, the individuals who are statistically higher to get into accidents are people like truck drivers, roofers, and agricultural workers. An accident can come in many forms, and the causes that were the result of the accident vary as well. Workers’ compensation can offset the consequences of injury, but what happens when the very policy meant to protect your clients’ employees falls short? What are employees to do when workers’ compensation is not enough?

The Options

When the carelessness of an employer results in the injury of an employee, workers’ compensation can help pay for the medical bills, lost wages, and physical therapy that result from said injury. But there may be a time when the workers’ comp falls short of what the employee needs. Employees can always talk to a lawyer, but they may hear that workers’ compensation is the only option they have.

But, if it was a third-party that was responsible for the bodily damage, then the employer and employee can bring a lawsuit against the aforementioned third-party. Should the courts rule in favor of the employee, they may be reimbursed for the losses that may not have been fully covered under workers’ compensation. These things include losses like:
• Pain and suffering
• Lost wages
• Permanent disability or disfigurement
• Loss of enjoyment of life

How Is a Third-Party Lawsuit Different?

Workers’ compensation is offered through the employee’s work and sets the limits on the coverage employees will receive should they get injured. A lawsuit against a third-party, however, has no predetermined “limits.” If the employee’s lawyer can prove the third-party involved had acted recklessly when they caused the accident, the employee will likely receive full compensation for the damages and lost earnings.

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