Risk Management Plans Help Nursing Homes Protect Employees and More

Factors to consider when creating a risk management plan for your nursing home.

If you run a nursing home, you face a variety of  risks related to employee safety and the high costs associated with accidents.  A comprehensive risk management program for your facility not only protects your employees, it helps to reduce insurance claims which can drive up your costs. Assessing your risks is the first step, and there are a number of   important factors to consider when creating your  plan.

Assessing Your Nursing Home Risks

Every good risk management program begins with an evaluation of your business’s operations to identify potential hazards.  By recognizing and understanding your risks before they cause issues, you can be proactive about creating a safer environment for employees and patients alike.  To identify potential sources of risk in your nursing home, take a closer look at your facility’s operations, including:

  • Procedures for lifting, transporting, and repositioning patients
  • Medication distribution and delivery systems
  • High-risk residents, such as those who suffer from dementia or cognitive issues
  • Incident reporting guidelines and tools
  • Staff training and retraining programs

Encourage Incident Reporting and Documentation

While you can review your procedures and systems to identify potential risks, it’s important to obtain input from your employees, as well. They have a different perspective and often a better understanding of workplace dangers. Encouraging your staff to report on-site injuries, near-misses, and safety concerns shows your commitment to their safety.  Addressing the dangers they report shows you take your staff’s input seriously. Employees will be more likely to alert you to hazards and risks you may not be aware of,  and you can be proactive in improving the situation for all.  The result is that injuries can be prevented and losses due to time out of work can be minimized.

With the support of your agent to recommend a risk management consultant and a plan in place, you can feel good knowing you have done everything possible to protect your business, your employees, and your patients .

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