Running a Business and Managing Workers’ Comp Claims During COVID- 19?

Most of the world was not prepared for the outbreak of coronavirus which put many companies out of business and affected the lives of workers everywhere.

Businesses that are able to keep their operations running while practicing safe measures may want to consider a few more things.

What Should You Know as an Employer? 

With an understanding of your workers’ mindsets and proper preparation, running a business with a smaller team can be done safely.

  • Workers are likely to be hesitant to return to work due to the ongoing pandemic, lack of confidence in protocols, and lack of protective equipment.
  • Working remotely for some employees may not be feasible given the nature of the work, so ensuring a safe environment will make them feel more comfortable, free them of distractions and help maintain productivity levels.
  • Fewer workers may mean larger workloads, higher levels of stress and chances of sustaining injuries could increase.
  • Monitoring workers’ well-being more closely and overseeing their activities are important for noticing signals of mental and physical distress

What Does This Mean for the Workers’ Comp Claims? 

Since workers’ compensation is the primary coverage for on-the-job injuries, knowing what is and what is not covered in your policy, as well as how to expedite claims is important.

Here is what you can expect with regards to workers’ comp claims during this time:

  • The claims will be open for more extended periods.
  • Closed claims may be reopened.
  • Cases of fraudulent claims may peak, calling for stricter validation methods.
  • Negotiation can be strenuous. 

What accounts for an injury in the course of employment is not strictly defined, and this raises a lot of questions – especially during these times. Hence, the impact of COVID- 19 on workers’ comp claims could be substantial. For more information on workers’ comp claims and assistance with your insurance needs, contact the experts at PMC Insurance Group.

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