Ways to Bridge the Care Coverage Gap During the COVID- 19 Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has spread all across the world like a deadly plague. At this time, the people living under assisted living facilities (ALF), in nursing homes, and other long-term care services are at risk of developing virus complications and require better care coverage.

Causes of Care Coverage Gap During COVID- 19 

The pandemic has caused an increase in the care coverage gap. The various causes of the gap are as follows:

Less Ground Staff

During the pandemic, more nurses are declared as non-essential workers to reduce the spread of the virus. However, it also means having a modest workforce to deal with an enormous scale of tasks.

Thus, it is challenging to take care of patients and assisted living seniors, many of whom are more vulnerable to the disease.

Knowledge Gap

The entire world is working on finding a medicine or a vaccine for COVID- 19. However, we have limited information about the virus. The knowledge gap prevents us from finding a real cure for the virus.

Capacity Gap

The world is encountering thousands of new COVID- 19 cases every day, and we do not have enough supplies of protective equipment like masks, gloves, and respirators for everybody.

How to Handle the Care Coverage Gap

  • With no absolute end to the pandemic, it is time to keep the nurses as a secondary defense line.
  • Doctors have to work and manage with their limited staff.
  • If you contract the disease, do not go to work. You will infect others as well.
  • Personal hygiene is essential.

The COVID- 19 outbreak has made us realize the problems that lie within our healthcare system, such as the care coverage gap. Even after paying for insurance, you may still have to pay the bulk of your medical expenses. For more information regarding insurance policies, contact the experts at PMC Insurance Group. (877) PMC-COMP or info@pmcinsurance.com.

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