You Really Need These Types of Small Business Insurance

Every small business owner needs to invest in these kinds of small business insurance in MA.  

It’s uniquely challenging to run a small business. You’re investing a lot – time, energy, money – in supporting your company and giving it the resources it needs to grow. Don’t let that investment get swept away! Protect your hard work with these types of small business insurance.

  1. Every state other than Texas requires that employers carry workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage protects your employees if they’re injured or become ill on the job. It also protects your business from having to pay their medical expenses and lost wages.
  2. In our litigious society, liability insurance is critical. People sue companies for seemingly crazy reasons all the time! Even if you know you can defend yourself against the claim, you’ll still need to pay for the legal expenses – unless you have liability coverage to pay for them instead. There are a lot of different types of liability coverage (e.g. general liability, product liability, errors & omissions, directors & officers), so it’s important you talk to your insurance agent about which kinds your business specifically needs.
  3. If you own even a single piece of equipment (a computer counts!), it’s time to think about property insurance. As you’d expect, this coverage protects your property. It can also insure your business location, inventory, furniture, and signage.
  4. What happens if a disaster forces your business to close its doors? Don’t let a fire burn up your business’s future! Invest in business interruption insurance. This coverage will help you pay bills and payroll if your revenue stops due to a covered temporary closure.

Does your business have the protection it needs? Make sure that you’re insured by contacting PMC Insurance Group. We’re dedicated to serving businesses of every size, and we have the experience and resources you need to the right coverage. Call us today if you need any kind of help with your small business insurance!

By PMC Insurance Group

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