Train Your Employees for Cold-Weather Hazards

Learn how you can protect your employees from the dangers associated with winter weather conditions.

Winter weather conditions can affect any business.  From the exposure to freezing temperatures, to the risk associated with ice and snow, your employees face certain dangers this winter.  However, you can help protect your workers by offering them the proper training to address winter hazards.  If you would like to avoid filing a workers compensation insurance claim, then here are some training tips to keep your employees safe this winter.

Teach Them to Assess Their Risk

Certain employees are more affected by winter weather conditions than others.  That’s why the first thing you should train your employees to do is to assess their risk.  For instance, if you have employees who are working outdoors, then these employees might need to take additional safety precautions.  By teaching your employees to assess their risk, you can ensure that each employee is taking the proper steps to stay safe.

Inform Them of the Dangers Associated with Winter Weather

Another important thing to discuss is how cold-weather conditions can affect your health.  Take the time to discuss the dangers of hypothermia, frostbite, trench foot, and other serious health conditions that can arise from prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures.  Additionally, make sure that your employees are familiar with the early signs of these conditions.  This way your workers can take immediate action if they recognize the early symptoms of these dangerous health conditions.

Guide Them on How to Dress

Another important thing you should address in training is how to properly dress for winter weather.  While this might seem unnecessary, it never hurts to review the basics to keep your employees safe.  Remind your workers that it’s best to dress in multiple layers.  The innermost layer should wick away perspiration, the middle layers should provide insulation from the cold, and the top layer should break the wind, repel water, and allow for ventilation.

Advise Them on Other Ways to Deal with the Cold

Finally, you should go over other ways to battle cold temperatures.  For instance, you should teach your employees about how portable heaters can be safely used at a job sites.  Additionally, you should encourage your employees to work at their own pace and advise them against working outdoors for prolonged periods of time.  Emphasize that their health and safety is far more important than finishing a project quickly.

Try out these training suggestions to properly prepare your employees to handle cold-weather hazards.  Want another way to protect your employees?  Then make sure your business has the proper workers compensation protections in place.  If you have clients looking to get the right workers comp insurance for their business, then turn to the team at PMC Insurance Services.  Our insurance experts can assist you with a wide variety of coverage options available to your clients.  Contact us for more information.

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