Top 10 OSHA Violations That May Cost You More

Due to non-compliance to safety standards and lack of training, accidents often occur in the workplace. OSHA is a government organization that ensures safe and healthy working conditions in workplaces. Here are the top 10 OSHA violations that may result in huge penalties.

1. Fall Protection

Casualties from slipping and falling are one of the most common OSHA violations. Companies need to ensure proper safety gear, regular inspection of scaffolding, and decent signings to decrease the fatalities.

2. Hazard Communication

Fatalities and injuries related to the communication of hazard materials have also increased in recent times. Here the information concerning the hazards of all chemicals produced or imported by the company should be shared with the employees. All such chemicals should be placed and used as per the OSHA guidelines.

3. Scaffolding

Non-compliance with proper scaffolding norms is another violation of OSHA guidelines. Employers need to protect construction workers from falls and slips while working on scaffolding.

4. Respiratory Protection

Not having a respiratory program is another major OSHA violation. Employers must prevent atmospheric contamination, and ensure worksite procedures, employee training, and medical evaluation to protect their employees.

5. Lockout

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedure that ensures no spillage of hazardous chemicals during maintenance is an important practice. Buying durable equipment and regular check-up of machinery is needed to avoid this OSHA violation.

6. Industrial Trucks

Accidents involving industrial trucks or forklifts are common in workplaces. Make sure to have licensed workers, conduct a training program for all stakeholders, and draft rules to avoid problems and injuries in the workplace.

7. Electrical Wiring

Fire accidents by faulty electrical wiring can pose a high risk to workers and others. Employers need to ensure workers are at a safe distance from power lines and should offer ground-fault protection for a safe working environment.

8. Ladders

Accidents due to falling from ladders are another major threat to a safe work environment. It happens mostly because of haste, sudden movement, inattentiveness, and worker’s age, physical condition, and footwear.

9. Machine Guarding

Unguarded machines often injure workers through flying chips, sparks, and moving parts. Employers need to ensure safety guards for the machine to keep the workers safe.

10. Eye & Face Protection

Installing emergency eyewash stations and proper workplace training helps avoid accidents caused by workers’ exposure to hazardous chemicals without adequate eye and face protection.

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