The Latest Stats and Facts About Staffing

Irrespective of the domain, one thing that remains constant across industries is the importance of staffing. Having a well-balanced and competent team can help a company to grow. Similarly, a conducive work environment can help employees perform to the best of their potential.

For both the employees and the employers, finding the right resource or workplace is a significant concern. That is why organizations, including the healthcare, industrial, clerical, administrative, managerial, and engineering sectors, seek the assistance of staffing services. Here are some stats and facts on staffing that you must know.

It’s Bigger Than You Think

The global staffing industry has generated $490 billion worth of revenue in the year 2018. The growth story has been consistent in recent years, and thousands of placement services have been prospering.

Earn Higher as a Temporary Worker

The staffing industry statistics show that a section of people prefers working on a contract (temporary) basis; here, the workers believe that this gives an average of $17 more than permanent employees. For some skilled positions, the pay difference is as high as $100.

Better Job Offers

The staffing industry trends show that work experience in this sector goes a long way in improving one’s employability from one’s soft skills to professional connections. A study found that 35% of employees of staffing companies got job offers for permanent positions with clients they have worked for. 66% of them accepted such offers.

Better Skill Compatibility

The staffing industry is known for its focus on creating an ideal talent pool. From an employer’s perspective, this ensures that the person they are hiring is not just technically strong, but their values align with the company’s goals. The staffing research data from multiple sectors prove that employees who have chosen their services have found jobs that are intellectually challenging and rewarding.

Irrespective of whether you are interested in short-term commitment or looking for a stable, permanent job, the staffing research agency will help you keep your career on track. Employers can hire such service providers to reduce the hassle of selection and recruitment and concentrate on improving the overall productivity.

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