How Technology Can Support the Independent Insurance Agent

In our modern age, the independent insurance agent can do more with less thanks to technology!

Even if you’re not regularly using technology on the job, it’s probably infiltrated your personal life. Our phones, tablets, and computers – not to mention our smart TVs and appliances, – are making many tasks easier. Why not transfer that help to your work life? Here are just a few ways the independent insurance agent can use technology to see increased success with reduced stress this year.

  • Stay Organized. Stop relying on your brain and sticky notes to keep track of information! Keeping digital files on all of your clients make it easy to add and track important data like life changes, wants, needs, and more. Keeping an online calendar that you can update from anywhere and pings your phone can also help make sure you never miss an appointment!
  • Stay Connected. Social media is a powerful (and free) tool for staying in touch with your clients. You can share relevant information to keep your accounts informed, and more fun and personal tidbits to build your relationship with them. You can also use email newsletters to disseminate important info, and online forms to make data collection easier.
  • Stay Informed. Collecting hard data is much easier using technology. All you need to do is drop a survey in your client’s inbox, and you’ll have tangible information to better understand the people you serve and how you can improve. You can use what you learn for everything from internal practices to future marketing materials.

Contacting PMC Insurance Group is another great way to thrive as an independent insurance agent. We can put our expertise, experience, and connections with a number of A rated insurance carriers behind you. Let our dedicated team help with all of your hard-to-place accounts; call us today!

By PMC Insurance Group

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