Is Technology Changing Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Technology is increasing at an exponential rate but how is it going to affect workers’ compensation insurance? 

The exponential rate at which technology is evolving every year has forced many companies to adapt to the new world. Even insurance, an industry not known for change or innovation, is being forced to alter their policies because of the boom technology has made. Technology has been adapted to many facets of life and industries often see changes. New technology is improving workers’ compensation programs in everything from communications and training to health care delivery and claims themselves.

But how is it that technology can affect workers’ compensation? Here are just a few ways that technology can do that:

  • In managing claims by giving the clients alerts like texts and emails to announce that their prescriptions are ready.
  • Communications with employees in order to better relay information on how to prevent injuries and claims updates sent directly to their phone.
  • Sharing workforce training through the employer’s intranet or through smartphone apps to make it incredibly easy for your employees to access the readily available information.
  • Delivering care to injured employees through the internet and mobile apps that direct these injured workers to preferred medical providers to ensure that their medical bills are taken care of.

Wearable Technology
Wearables such as watches, vests, hats, and other things can monitor employee movement and alert co-workers of any danger. It can monitor fatigue, body temperature, and repetitive motion and send alerts if the system detects any discrepancies.  It can be used in training, wellness programs, and fraud prevention.

Streamline the Process
Injuries may be reported to different parts of the company. This intricate web of the claims process is confusing to employees which can lead to frustration–and that’s the last thing any small business owner wants on their plate. Technology can improve incident reporting by automated forms and offer many ways to report an incident. One such way is by using mobile apps. Completed forms are sent to the supervisor, HR, and workforce safety department.

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By PMC Insurance Group

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