Improve Productivity in the Office with These Tips

Don’t let the 3:00 p.m. slump drain your independent insurance agency! Here are three ways you can boost office productivity. At PMC Insurance Group, our goal is to help independent insurance agencies across the country thrive. We know the risks you face – from hard-to-place policies to workplace fatigue. We can help with the former Read More

Tips To Help You Better Respond to Feedback

Stop struggling to learn from lackluster reviews! Better respond to feedback with these pointers.    You want to serve your clients as well as you possibly can. As an independent insurance agency, you’ve put a lot of hours and energy into creating the business you have today. And you want to see it continue to Read More

4 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy at Work

Fighting to stay healthy at work? Add these tips to your arsenal! Let’s be honest. Offices aren’t the healthiest place. Sitting indoors at a desk day after day can take its toll on your body. That is, unless you actively take steps to counteract the sedentary lifestyle the office encourages you towards. Ready to get Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks for Your Small Business

If you want to save hassle and save on your small business insurance in MA, consider these spring cleaning tips. As the weather heats up, you get ready to throw open the windows and let the fresh spring air into your office building. Freshening it up might just motivate you to tackle a little spring Read More

Taking a Call? Use These Tips for Cell Phone Safety While Driving

Avoid the dangers of being on your cell and driving with this guide. In our busy age, we all want to maximize our time. We squeeze every minute out of the day by emailing while we’re in the checkout line, video conferencing into that meeting you couldn’t quite make it to physically, and (of course) Read More