Types of Small Business Insurance You Never Knew Existed

Get covered with these small business insurance policies you didn’t know you needed. Most business owners have the standard liability, worker’s compensation, and commercial property insurance policies.  However, simply relying on these policies may mean that there are gaps in your coverage.  Learn about 4 little-known types of small business insurance and consider whether they’d Read More

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Issues to Watch Out for in 2017

Workers’ compensation insurance is about to go through many changes this year, what do your small business clients have to watch out for in 2017? Here are a few things that small business owners need to watch out for in 2017 when it comes to workers’ compensation insurance and their employees. Workplace Illness and Disease Read More

The Teamwork Quandary: Motivating Your Employees to Work Towards Agency Profits

The new year is here and now is a great time to motivate your employees to work toward agency profits. The final page of 2016 had been turned, and we are now on the first page of a brand new chapter. A chapter titled 2017 has the potential to be the best year to date. Read More

Renewing Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance? Check the 3 Rs

While workers’ compensation insurance is required by law, businesses should not blindly renew their policies. Workers’ compensation insurance should never be an automatic renewal. Even though businesses are required by law to have a policy for their employees, businesses have an opportunity to streamline costs and methodology, but only if they ask the right questions. There Read More

Small Business Owners: Check Out These Chrome Extensions

Between these Google Chrome Extensions and the right small business insurance in MA, you can give your accounts tools to thrive. If you sell small business insurance in MA, you know that each of your clients’ insurance needs are as unique as the businesses they own. It can be tough, then, to dig out resources Read More