How Return-to-Work Programs Can Improve Your Workers Comp Premiums

How establishing a return-to-work program will reduce your workers comp costs. While many business owners may be wary about instituting a return-to-work program, they do have the potential to lower workers compensation insurance costs when properly implemented and managed.  To be truly effective, a return-to-work program needs to be part of a business’s larger loss Read More

Why You Should Establish a Return-to-Work Program at Your Business

Here’s how your business can benefit from having a return-to-work program for injured employees. No matter what industry you work in, there is always a risk of your employees injuring themselves or becoming ill while on the job.  If the injury or illness is serious, then the employee might even have to temporarily stop working.  Read More

Avoid these Common Mistakes in Workers Comp Return-to-Work Programs

Learn how you can better manage your company’s return-to-work (RTW) program. Return-to-Work (RTW) programs are plans put into place by a company to help get injured workers back on the job as quickly as possible.  These programs have benefits for employees and employers as they allow injured workers to retain their jobs and financial security Read More

Why You Should Support Your Return-to-Work Program with an Occupational Medical Clinic

An occupational medical clinic will make your return-to-work program run more smoothly. Here’s how. If your business has a return-to-work program in place (and it should), it’s important that you choose an occupational medical clinic. Before we get into the reason, let’s define our terms. A return-to-work program allows injured employees to ease back into Read More

Help Your Clients Save on Workers’ Compensation Insurance in MA with a Return-to-Work Program

If your clients are looking for ways to save on workers’ compensation, suggest a return-to-work program! Anytime your client asks how to cut the cost of his or her workers’ comp coverage, you likely immediately recommend an improved safety program. After that’s set up, your client may still look for other savings solutions – and Read More