Improve Productivity in the Office with These Tips

Don’t let the 3:00 p.m. slump drain your independent insurance agency! Here are three ways you can boost office productivity. At PMC Insurance Group, our goal is to help independent insurance agencies across the country thrive. We know the risks you face – from hard-to-place policies to workplace fatigue. We can help with the former Read More

How to Deal with Office Bullies

Some people never grow out of their bully phase from high school and continue to spread terror as a way to mask their insecurities. How can offices deal with office bullies? Bullies, no matter their age, tend to make work life tough (and rather annoying) for those they terrorize. When the bullying comes from a Read More

How to Recognize the Dangers Around an Office

Health hazards have the potential to loom around any and all corners–is there a way business owners can identify dangers before they strike? It’s easy to see how a workplace with heavy machinery and chemicals can be dangerous for employees, especially when those employees are required to engage in tough manual labor. So, in an office Read More

What to Know About White Collar Crime

White collar crime is rampant, but hardly gets punished or even noticed. It can cost your insurance agency hundreds of thousands each year. You may trust your insurance agency staff because they have always been loyal to you and your company. And the reality is that a majority of your employees are loyal and trustworthy, Read More

How to Retain Your Insurance Agency Staff

Your insurance agency should have an employee retention strategy in place for the New Year. Your employees are the gears to your business, they work and use effort to keep your business going. But if you do not have an employee retention strategy to keep your hard working employees, you could lose them if they Read More