Independent Insurance Agents: Ways to Stay in Touch With Clients

Connecting with clients is key for independent insurance agents. Fortunately, these tools can help! In our digital age, what sets independent insurance agents apart from the major carriers and their online presence? Relationships. The primary reason someone would choose to go to you for coverage – rather than choosing the theoretically more convenient online route Read More

How Technology Can Support the Independent Insurance Agent

In our modern age, the independent insurance agent can do more with less thanks to technology! Even if you’re not regularly using technology on the job, it’s probably infiltrated your personal life. Our phones, tablets, and computers – not to mention our smart TVs and appliances, – are making many tasks easier. Why not transfer Read More

Who is PMC Insurance Group?

What you need to know about PMC Insurance Group. At PMC, we live by the motto, “Your success is our success.” We understand that helping your insurance business see growth – in your staff, in your expanding operations, in your offered products, and in your bottom line – helps us have the ability to continue Read More