Jobs in Home Healthcare are Projected to Grow Faster than Most Businesses Through 2029

Between 2020 and 2030, total employment in the U.S. will grow by almost 12 million jobs, increasing to 165.4 million jobs, and representing the highest growth rate in the recent past. This higher-than-average growth will be largely due to the economic recovery from the pandemic-induced recession. Among the high-growth industries, healthcare support is expected to Read More

Dangers of Winter Snow and Ice: Slipping and Falling

Winter creates a rather dangerous environment for people, which is why everyone should know about the dangers of winter snow and ice.  Let’s go back in time. 200,000 years ago, to be exact, to a little corner in east Africa where modern humans are thought to have originated. Human beings adapted for a warm climate Read More

Business Plans, Staffing, & Workers’ Compensation for Home Healthcare Organizations

Have a client starting an in-home care business? It’s important to think about business plans, staffing, and workers’ compensation for home healthcare services. As Americans live longer and longer, there’s a greater need for people to help us keep our golden years golden. Providing in-home services helps seniors enjoy the life they know with the Read More

Safety Tips & Workers’ Compensation for Home Healthcare Workers

Pair these safety tips with workers’ compensation for home healthcare workers’ protection.     Did you know that the injury rate for home healthcare employees is about 50 percent greater than that of hospital workers, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics? Home health workers need to be ready to protect themselves, and your home Read More