Get Healthy: Say Goodbye to These Unhealthy Foods

Get healthy this month by cutting out these unhealthy foods. Staying fit and maintaining a diet is hard work, and no one wants to undo all their effort.  However, many Americans have hidden dangers lurking in their pantries that could derail their diets.  Learn which foods you should cut out of your diet to get Read More

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Trends to Look Out for in 2017

Workers’ compensation insurance protects businesses if their employees become ill or injured while on the job. Workers’ compensation continues to be a major concern for employers and while some industries have more claims than others, every business–no matter its focus–has certain risks and all have concerns about the associated costs. For you, the challenge may Read More

Listen Up! Here Are Some Awesome Health Benefits of Music.

If you thought pumping up the jams was helpful, you’re right! Check out these health benefits of music. It shouldn’t be surprising to learn that there are health benefits of music. Anyone who has felt sad and tired, only to find that their favorite song turned the day around, knows the power of music. But Read More

The Summer Isn’t Over Yet! Keep These Sun Safety Tips in Mind.

If you plan to head out into the sun while the days are still long, don’t ignore these sun safety tips.   Although we’re over halfway through August, it’s not time to put away the sunscreen just yet! In California, we get summer well into September. That’s great news for your pool plans, but it Read More