Learn How to Best Stay in Touch with Your Clients so You Can Develop Lasting Relationships

Create long-term business relationships with your clients with these tips. Fostering relationships with your clients is a must. When you stay in touch with your clients, you’re better able to build lasting business relationships. Creating relationships helps to personalize your interaction with clients, helping them to feel more like a person and less like a Read More

Be Aware of These Workers’ Compensation Challenges in 2016

These workers’ compensation challenges are coming in 2016. Are you ready? 2016 is well on its way, but there’s a lot more year ahead of us. Are you ready to take it on with the businesses you insure? Be advised of these upcoming workers’ compensation challenges in 2016 so you can craft solutions to best Read More

Who is PMC Insurance Group?

What you need to know about PMC Insurance Group. At PMC, we live by the motto, “Your success is our success.” We understand that helping your insurance business see growth – in your staff, in your expanding operations, in your offered products, and in your bottom line – helps us have the ability to continue Read More