Is There Truth Behind the Standing Desk Hype?

Is the standing desk really worth all the hype?

Whether you’ve sat at a desk for a day or a decade, you’ve probably experienced a little stiffness in your body from remaining in a seated position. You’re definitely not alone. Many experts are saying that sitting leads to health problems, including diabetes, obesity, and even cancer! What’s the solution? Potentially, a standing desk. Is there a truth to all of the hype? Could the standing desk really keep you healthier and injury free?

Yes, actually. For starters, initial studies showed that standing at your desk can help you fight obesity. Standing burns about 50 more calories an hour than sitting and helps your metabolism stay in gear.

What’s more, studies from 2008 and 2013 showed that sitting is linked to type 2 diabetes. When you sit, your body becomes less responsive to insulin, increasing your likelihood of developing diabetes.

Still not convinced? If you’re not worried about your blood sugar, maybe worry about your heart. You rely on this imperative organ to pump blood through your body. The Mayo Clinic says that sitting spikes your risk of cardiovascular disease by a staggering 125 percent! If you need more encouragement to stand at your desk, other research has linked sitting to cancer development and a shortened life expectancy. In fact, if you cut your sitting time by just a few hours a day, you could add two years to your life expectancy!

Buying standing desks could be well worth the investment, but even propping up your workspace for a couple of hours each day will go a long way towards keeping you healthy.

Could a standing desk help you minimize workplace injuries? At PMC Insurance Group, we’re keeping an eye on the trend to see if it could help any small business or large accounts save on workers’ compensation! Only time will tell, but contact us for any questions or workers’ comp needs in the meantime.

By PMC Insurance Group

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