Are Stand Up Desks Worth the Investment?

Stand up desks are valuable – but are they worth the cost?

In March, we talked about the value of stand up desks. There’s been a lot of hype around higher desk surfaces as more and more evidence about the health hazards of sitting has come out. Sitting is linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer development, and an all-around shorter life expectancy. All that being said, you’ve probably looked at stand up desks – and discovered that they’re expensive!

Fortunately, if you’re not ready to invest thousands of dollars in updating your office desks, you have other options! Here are a few ways you can (literally) elevate your workspace.


If you can find an affordable coffee table (check Ikea) that’s slightly smaller than the surface of your current desks, you can stack it on top of your existing desks to create an elevated workspace.

Similarly, boxes or shelves can provide a higher workstation for the computer and keyboard, leaving the rest of the desk unchanged. This offers the bonus of flexibility. If your employee gets tired of standing, he or she can just move the workstation back to the desk surface.


Talk to a local contractor about customizing additions for your desks. Since that contractor has easy access to the required materials and skills, he or she should be able to custom build you desk additions for a price that rivals purchasing them on the internet.


If your team works on laptops, consider installing a high counter in some part of your office. That way, people can swap over to the bar when they’re ready to stand and easily go back to their desks when they want to sit.

Stand up desks could help prevent your employees from getting injured. If they do get hurt, though, would your workers’ compensation be sufficient to protect them – and your business. To learn more about the protection your business needs, contact the experts at PMC Insurance Group.

By PMC Insurance Group

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