StaffPRO3 Team Finds a Solution for Large Medical Staffing Firm

PMC StaffPRO3 broker, John Cassidy, Helps Staffing Firm Out of a Difficult Situation

A large medical staffing firm places nurses across the US, and over the past five years their Workers’ Comp premium grew steady from $100K in 2016 to $1.9 million in 2021.

PMC first wrote this account in 2016 and retained it until 2019, when a wholesaler that was not experienced in servicing the staffing industry lured the insured away. However, their lack of experience cost the insured greatly when they were hit with a huge, unexpected premium charge which resulted from a payroll endorsement that could have been discovered sooner if they had collected 941s over the policy term.

PMC StaffPRO3 broker, John Cassidy, builds strong working relationships with his retail agent partners and makes sure he knows what’s going on with all of his accounts. During a conversation with the retail agent, John found out that the controlling wholesaler never collected 941s from the insured which resulted in the huge expense. As part of our white glove service, the StaffPRO3 team implements a best-in-class process for ensuring 941s are collected every quarter to prevent our insureds from incurring any large, unexpected expense at the time of audit.

John knew he could help and took action, finding a solution for this challenging account. He used his staffing knowledge, Workers’ Comp expertise, and creativity to work out a deal with another carrier. John explored customized solutions that ranged from guaranteed cost to loss sensitive with deductibles options, and the insured ultimately decided on a guaranteed cost plan.

With a customized Workers’ Comp program in place that includes an easy-to-use claims management process and access to risk control solutions, the insured has peace of mind knowing both their business and employees would be well protected moving forward.

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By PMC Insurance Group

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