Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks for Your Small Business

If you want to save hassle and save on your small business insurance in MA, consider these spring cleaning tips.

As the weather heats up, you get ready to throw open the windows and let the fresh spring air into your office building. Freshening it up might just motivate you to tackle a little spring cleaning. If you decide to spruce up your office this April, use these spring cleaning tips and you could save on your small business insurance in MA.

  • Capture Cords. Not only is a tangle of cords aesthetically displeasing, it’s also a tripping hazard. Plus, that mess of wires can make it hard to see an overloaded outlet, which is a fire hazard! Grab some zip ties and tie back any cords that are in walkways. Detangle and organize cords so yours are evenly distributed across the outlets in your office.
  • Deal with your Desktop. In our digital age, you need to think about cyber clutter too. Go through your desktop and get rid of what you don’t need. Remember, the less sensitive information you have stored, the less a breach will affect your business!
  • Hunt for Hazards. As you tidy up, keep an eye out for potential risks. Would that walkway get slippery in the rain? Could that tall stack of boxes fall over? Look for changes you can make to minimize the risks around your office. Small changes could help you avoid a major hassle down the road!

The good news is that putting in the effort to clean up around the office could actually help you save on your small business insurance in MA! Contact PMC Insurance Group to learn how we can help you leverage the effort you put into creating a safe workplace to save on your premiums. For more information, call us today.

By PMC Insurance Group

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