No Matter Their Work, We Offer Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Staffing Agencies 

Having trouble finding workers’ compensation insurance for staffing agencies? We can help.

Staffing agencies fill a major void. If you’ve ever worked at a business that unexpectedly lost an employee, you know the burden of scrambling to pick up the extra work before it falls through the cracks. Temporary staffing can come to the rescue! But, before your staffing accounts step in to lend a hand and support a business, they need to protect themselves. And we can help – with workers’ compensation insurance for staffing agencies.

With the right workers’ comp policy in place, your staffing accounts can confidently send men and women out into the field. We can help you find them the right coverage if they serve a business in any of these ways.

  • They support businesses who aren’t ready for a full-time hire. Say a business has an accountant leave. They look over that person’s workload and find that they might be able to replace her with software solutions and automated processes. Might is the operative word here, though. If your staffing account offers someone to fill in the gaps while they make a decision, we can help you insure that person.
  • They help businesses with one-off needs. If a business takes on a unique, one-time project, they may want to bring a temporary specialist on board to help. We can make sure that person has proper coverage for the duration of his or her contract.
  • They offer extra hands as needed. Maybe it’s a busy time for a business, or maybe they’re just not ready to go through the full-blown hiring process. Either way, your staffing client can provide someone to help them get through this season. And we can provide the right workers’ compensation.

As your staffing accounts work to meet the needs of businesses, let PMC Insurance Group meet their insurance needs. As specialists in workers’ compensation insurance for staffing agencies, we can help you get them the most comprehensive coverage at the most competitive price. Get the right policy for your staffing client; contact us today.

By PMC Insurance Group

Since 1996, PMC Insurance Group has worked to help independent agents grow their client base by offering workers' compensation solutions for a wide array of businesses. As one of the most distinguished workers' compensation wholesalers in the country, we have the tools and resources to help you create coverage programs for both small businesses and large accounts.