Safety Tips & Workers’ Compensation for Home Healthcare Workers

Pair these safety tips with workers’ compensation for home healthcare workers’ protection.    

Did you know that the injury rate for home healthcare employees is about 50 percent greater than that of hospital workers, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics? Home health workers need to be ready to protect themselves, and your home healthcare clients need to be ready to protect their employees. That’s why we’re offering these safety tips and workers’ compensation for home healthcare workers.

  • Take it easy. When you’re working to help someone enjoy a better quality of life, it’s only natural to want to go above and beyond. But employees should be encouraged to check in with themselves and proactively avoid overexertion. Back injuries resulting from trying to move a patient are all too common.
  • Plan ahead. These healthcare workers don’t just face risks in the home, there are also hazards associated with transportation to and from the patient’s house. Make sure they know to confirm visits in advance, keep their vehicles in good working order, and have access into the patient’s home. If your account serves high-crime areas, encourage them to tell their employees to trust their instincts and avoid situations in which they feel unsafe.
  • Stay shod. Some patients will prefer that guests in their home go shoeless. If this is the case, instruct your clients to give their employees surgical shoe covers or clean shoes to only wear indoors. Otherwise, stepping on glass, stubbing a toe, and other hazards can’t be avoided.

In order to fully protect their business and their team, your home health accounts need to pair these tips with workers’ compensation for home healthcare employees. If you need any help finding them the right policy, contact PMC Insurance Group. This type of workers’ comp is one of our specialties, and we would love to help you serve your client with the coverage they need.

By PMC Insurance Group

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