Help Your Clients Save on Workers’ Compensation Insurance in MA with a Return-to-Work Program

If your clients are looking for ways to save on workers’ compensation, suggest a return-to-work program!

Anytime your client asks how to cut the cost of his or her workers’ comp coverage, you likely immediately recommend an improved safety program. After that’s set up, your client may still look for other savings solutions – and you can offer one! Help your clients save on workers’ compensation insurance by recommending a return-to-work program.

You can explain to your client that a return-to-work program is exactly what it sounds like. This program is designed to help employees come back to work with adjusted responsibilities corresponding to their healing process. While their employee is still recovering, he or she is able to help with light duty tasks. That return-to-work program could place your employee back into his or her former position, or give him or her an alternate one. Either way, your client will be saving his or her business from paying lost wages by bringing that employee back to work before full recovery.

Remind your client that the longer an employee is out due to a workplace injury or illness, the more expensive their insurance claim becomes. The more frequently a business files high-dollar claims, the you’ll have to pass that additional expense onto them. In other words, an employee being off the job for an extended time isn’t just bad for your client’s immediate costs, it will probably mean higher premiums moving forward.

If your client needs assistance establishing a return-to-work program, get in touch with us! We can help you advise them during the process.

A return-to-work program is just one way you can help your clients save on workers’ compensation insurance in MA. For more savings solutions, contact PMC Insurance Group. Helping agents offer their clients the best workers’ comp coverage – at the best price – is our specialty. Let us help you help your accounts!

By PMC Insurance Group

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