Why You Should Support Your Return-to-Work Program with an Occupational Medical Clinic

An occupational medical clinic will make your return-to-work program run more smoothly. Here’s how.

If your business has a return-to-work program in place (and it should), it’s important that you choose an occupational medical clinic. Before we get into the reason, let’s define our terms.

A return-to-work program allows injured employees to ease back into the job by coming back to work with lightened or altered responsibilities. This shortens the time of your workers’ compensation claim, helping your business save money and support its employees.

An occupational medical clinic specializes in treating illness and injury that’s work-related. That means that if your employee gets hurt on the job, rather than going to his or her own doctor, he or she would visit your designated occupational medical clinic. Why is this important?

First, substandard care is bad for your employee and your business. If you have five employees injured in a year, and they all see five different physicians, you’ll be challenged to guarantee the standard of care. If, however, you can send them to your vetted occupational medical clinic, you, your employees, and their families can rest easy knowing they’ll get quality care. This can help shorten the duration of your employee’s injury, making it easier for them to return to work more quickly.

The other benefit of choosing an occupational medical clinic is that they specialize in supporting workers’ compensation claims. That means they’ll give your staff care in compliance with your requests and document what’s necessary for your claim. If the ultimate goal of your return-to-work program is to help minimize your workers’ compensation claim duration and cost, this type of clinic can help. They’ll streamline your claims process on the healthcare provider side and work with you to help your employees return to work.

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