Tips To Help You Better Respond to Feedback

Stop struggling to learn from lackluster reviews! Better respond to feedback with these pointers.   

You want to serve your clients as well as you possibly can. As an independent insurance agency, you’ve put a lot of hours and energy into creating the business you have today. And you want to see it continue to grow, so negative feedback can feel downright devastating. There is hope, though! If you can see it as constructive criticism, you’re presented a learning opportunity. But how do you respond to feedback in a way that helps your company grow and supports your client? Here are a few tips.

  • Separate fact from opinion. Before you scrap your entire business process because of one angry client, figure out what’s really going on. Odds are, there was a single incident that occurred by which all of his or her interactions after that point were shaped. Figure out what went wrong, but don’t read too much into the emotions beyond that.
  • Allow for accountability. Get in touch with the person giving you that feedback and take responsibility. People admire those who don’t gloss over issues and instead confront them head on. Taking ownership of the situation can help you rebuild trust.
  • Find a way forward. Negative reviews turn to constructive feedback when you actually do something with them (other than getting down on yourself). Engage with your account and find out what you can do to remedy the situation. If one of your employees made a mistake, offer to get personally involved. Find the path forward, and diligently keep on it. You might even be able to turn that disgruntled client to a loyal supporter with this kind of service!

You’ve got your hands full serving your clients and learning from their feedback. Don’t let a difficult-to-place account leave your agency struggling! Contact PMC Insurance Group to gain access to our specialty programs and wealth of agent resources.

By PMC Insurance Group

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