How to Recognize the Dangers Around an Office

Health hazards have the potential to loom around any and all corners–is there a way business owners can identify dangers before they strike?

It’s easy to see how a workplace with heavy machinery and chemicals can be dangerous for employees, especially when those employees are required to engage in tough manual labor. So, in an office that is filled with cubicles, office chairs, computers, and printers, one would assume that danger is non-existent. That assumption is incorrect. A surprising number of hazards can be present throughout the office setting. Here are a few tips for all business owners on how they can recognize the dangers around an office.

  1. Organization is Key.
    Boxes, files, and various items that are piled up can create a tripping hazard for employees. Business owners should make sure that everything is put in its place to avoid any trips and falls.
    Any spills should be wiped up immediately to avoid any dangerous slips and serious injury–all of which may land the business owner a nasty lawsuit against them.
  2. Shut Everything.
    An employee is at risk of being struck by or caught by some random object. Things like open drawers, boxes, and other things may become a tripping hazard if not stored properly. Always make sure to keep the hallways clear of any objects that do not belong in the area.
  3. Adjustable Equipment.
    The type of labor that goes on in an office setting is not always the most physically demanding, but that does not mean that the work is free of danger. Repeated tasks like typing can cause damage to the nerves and muscles over time and cause carpal tunnel syndrome–which causes the back, wrists, and joints to ache.
    To avoid these injuries, ensure that your equipment–like your desk, chair, monitor, keyboard, mouse, et cetera–is adjustable to fit the many body shapes that exist in our world.
  4. Check Equipment- If there is a piece of equipment that is always on the fritz, be it a piece of heavy machinery or a coffee maker, take a look and get it fixed. The longer you leave a piece of equipment broken, the more likely it is to cause problems. And nobody wants to be making a morning cup of coffee and start an electrical fire because every time the coffee maker gets plugged in it sparks.

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