PMC Workers’ Compensation Insurance Guide: What We Offer!

Why Agents Like to Work with PMC to Secure Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Their Clients

At PMC, we help independent insurance agents place workers’ compensation insurance for their clients, throughout the United States. We place workers’ comp in all industries, including companies that need multi-state coverage, start-ups and new ventures, coverage for mergers and acquisitions, and more.

Agents like to work with us because we take the time to understand the nuances of their client’s businesses. By working together and with the support of our industry risk management and loss control experts, we can deliver multiple creative solutions for your business. By sharing our knowledge, we can easily position and market your clients to our carriers for optimal results.

Additionally, PMC has access to markets where others do not, including those that are part of our national workers’ comp programs. We leverage our carrier relationships on all levels – from underwriters to the executive team – to give our agent partners the best chance of closing more deals.

What Kind of Workers’ Compensation Services Do We Offer?

At PMC, we offer several national specialized workers’ compensation programs that can be customized in different ways. These include:

  • Workers’ Compensation for Trucking and Transportation

    The trucking business has unique workplace perils that warrant special workers’ comp coverage. Besides road accidents, truckers are at a higher risk of developing health issues, such as musculoskeletal and back injuries, due to strenuous activities like loading and unloading heavy cargo.

  • Workers’ Compensation for Healthcare and Home Health

    Homecare and health caregivers face a range of risks at work, including exposure to radioactive material, hazardous chemicals, and potential infections. Auto accident injuries and musculoskeletal disorders are also common among homecare specialists. Such healthcare businesses can benefit from our custom-tailored worker’s comp plans, to suit their unique risk profiles. PMC offers creative solutions for this industry, with flexible terms, such as deductibles and guaranteed cost options.

  • Workers’ Compensation for Staffing Services

    The law requires corporate staffing agencies to provide workers’ compensation coverage for each individual they offer to a third party for employment. Risk levels vary based on several factors, including industry and profession, and it’s necessary to get each employee the right amount of insurance protection. If you’re an insurance agent with staffing agency clients, you should be familiar with the coverage options available for diverse risk classifications. Your relevant industry expertise and partnering with experienced workers’ compensation specialists at PMC, will help your clients get adequate protection for their employees.

  • Workers’ Compensation for Construction Services

    Construction workers face a high risk of severe injuries or even sudden death. Falls from height, auto accidents, trench collapses, and motion injuries are only a handful of the hazards that come with physically demanding labor.

    Contractors need special workers’ comp coverages to cover the medical bills of their injured employees. These costs can be too heavy to bare out-of-pocket.

  • USL&H Workers’ Compensation

    For businesses with maritime workers, it isn’t enough to have a standard workers’ compensation policy. The U.S. Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, requires employers in this industry to get special bodily injury coverage for their workers. Companies operating near or over waterways, such as bridge construction, ship repair, or harbor operations, should carry USL&H coverage.

  • Workers’ Compensation for Social Services

    Human services and social services workers aren’t immune to on-the-job injuries either. Whether working for senior citizens’ centers, youth centers, or homeless shelters, employees can suffer a work-related injuries, sickness, or even physical abuse. Carrying adequate workers’ compensation will come in handy, in such circumstances.

  • Risk Management and Loss Control Services

    By partnering with our risk management team, you can help your clients identify and manage various exposures, including coverage gaps. We can also lend our resources to analyze your clients’ claims history for the purpose of insurance cost reduction. Engage our loss control experts to help your clients mitigate their loss exposures. We can provide technical assistance and advice in areas like site evaluations, OSHA compliance, and safety training.   

  • Casualty Lines with the Placement of Workers’ Comp

    Our casualty lines solutions include a wide range of options that facilitate the placement of workers’ comp programs.  A few of them are as follows:

    1. General liability insurance- protects against third-party bodily injury and property damage claims
    2. Cyber liability insurance- protects clients’ sensitive information from data breaches
    3. Excess liability/ Umbrella insurance- covers claims exceeding basic coverage limits
    4. Errors and omissions- protects service-oriented businesses from claims of negligence/ inadequate work
  • PMC PayGo Solutions

    Our easy to use, PMC PayGo program allows you to pay workers’ comp premiums based on actual payrolls, reducing year-end audit surprises and allowing flexible payment schedules.

  • PMC Portal

    Our online portal can be accessed at any time to review policy documentation, including policy renewals, endorsements, audits, and more. The documents can be viewed and downloaded by authorized personnel in excel format for easy use.

Are you looking for tailored coverage options to suit your client’s special needs? If so, contact our team at PMC Insurance Group or call us at (781) 449-7744 for more information.

By PMC Insurance Group

Since 1996, PMC Insurance Group has worked to help independent agents grow their client base by offering workers' compensation solutions for a wide array of businesses. As one of the most distinguished workers' compensation wholesalers in the country, we have the tools and resources to help you create coverage programs for small businesses and large accounts.