PMC Transportation Leader Joe Bukovsky Named 2022 Top Specialist Broker

Joe Bukovsky, leader of PMC’s national Transportation Workers’ Compensation program, was selected as an industry leader wholesale broker for Insurance Business America’s sixth annual Top Specialist Brokers list. Joe was chosen for his expertise, insights, and highly developed skills that helped him formulate creative Workers’ Compensation solutions for independent insurance agents and their clients in the trucking, transportation, and logistics industries.

What Makes Joe So Special?

Joe works for PMC Insurance Group, a division of One80 Intermediaries, which was recently named Wholesaler of the Year with KeyRisk (a Berkley Company). Under his leadership, Joe has started and built the PMC Workers’ Transportation program during one of the most challenging periods in our industry and has positioned the Transportation program as one of the leading national solution providers for Workers’ Compensation coverage.

With over 15 years of expertise, Joe is the go-to resource for to PMC’s retail agency partners across the country for Transportation Workers’ Compensation solutions. Joe’s expertise in the transportation industry comes from the broad experience and deep knowledge he gained while working as an underwriter, a retail producer, and a wholesaler, running the PMC Transportation Workers’ Compensation program. He has a unique view and demonstrated understanding of the industry and marketplace, having been involved in so many different aspects.

As an expert in Workers’ Compensation for the trucking/transportation industry, Joe quickly understands the risk, its challenges, and how to secure the best possible coverage for insureds. He often provides the only proposal on the table due to his ability to see opportunities in detail and market them to underwriting carriers in clear yet creative ways.

Joe’s Stellar Achievements Till Date

While trucking, parcel delivery, and shipping issues abounded in 2021, Joe worked tirelessly within and outside of his carrier network to find additional carrier partners and new solutions to offer agents a greater depth of program solutions and options for their clients in these industries.

In less than two years, Joe has:

  • expanded carrier coverage solutions for PMC’s agent partners
  • achieved Workers’ Compensation premium reductions for policyholders
  • developed a profitable program for carrier partners as their loss ratios are below both industry and carrier targets for this line of coverage

Recent successes of Joe include:

  • Recently Joe secured a national policy for a non-emergency medical transportation client that had locations in multiple states and multiple assign risk policies. He combined everything under one policy, saving the client time, the frustration of working with multiple assign risk carriers, and money.
  • Joe developed a Workers’ Compensation program for an Amazon DSP company which saved the entity more than 10% in their premium. He negotiated a larger dividend than the expiring program was offering.
  • In partnership with the insured’s retail agency, Joe found a solution for an agricultural trucking company and moved them out of a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) that the client had grown unsatisfied with. He secured a Workers’ Compensation solution for the client through a national A.M. Best A-rated carrier with a pay-as-you-go premium payment plan.

The Key to Joe’s Success –  Staying Up-to-date with Industry Trends

As head of PMC’s Transportation program, Joe’s mission is to provide the best solutions for agents. In addition to watching the market and reading up on challenges in the Transportation industry, Joe makes sure he knows what’s going on and capitalizes on trends as they develop. He works closely with agents to find out where their struggles lie and partners with carrier executive teams to make sure his agents’ needs are heard so new ideas can be considered.

In addition, Joe works with underwriters to highlight opportunities for them to write more while maintaining good loss ratios. He is supported by a team of PMC executives who talk to partners to ensure PMC can continue supporting its agents nationwide.

Armed with deep knowledge of his space, Joe can develop new ideas and solutions for all of his agent partners to capitalize on. A good example is with truck drivers who are in high demand (turning anywhere they can to move freight); their need for Occupational Accident coverage has risen. Joe has lined up multiple carriers that provide this coverage, so agents can take advantage of the market trend.

What Drives Joe and PMC to Deliver Best-in-class Solutions

Building off of PMC’s value propositions, Joe is on a relentless pursuit of delivering a top-notch national Transportation program to:

  • provide Workers’ Compensation expertise to independent insurance agents nationwide
  • quickly respond to agent inquiries
  • partner with agents to understand the nuances of their client’s business for optimal positioning in the market and the best possible outcomes
  • support agents with more options and customized solutions by leveraging:
  • the internal team of Workers’ Comp industry experts and specialists
  • national industry-specific programs
  • in-house risk management and loss control services
  • flexible payment solutions, including pay-as-you-go with 0% down
  • cutting edge technology solutions such as the PMC Agency Portal for agents to gain access to their insured’s documents 24/7 and an advanced submission system for quick turnarounds
  • develop deep and trusting relationships with agents and carrier partners that range from underwriters and team leaders to executives

For a consultation or to discuss a customized Transportation Workers’ Compensation solution contact Joe Bukovsky at

By PMC Insurance Group

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