Observing National Mental Health Awareness Month

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month; here are some suggestions to help you observe this month.

It’s National Mental Health Awareness Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness about the seriousness and prevalence of mental health issues.  In honor of this month, try out some of these suggestions to get involved.

Speak to Community Leaders

This May, you should get into contact with your governor or mayor and encourage them to make a proclamation and officially recognize National Mental Health Awareness Month.  Getting your community leaders to make a public statement will help garner more awareness for the mental health issues that affect millions of Americans every year.

Get Your Community Involved

Speaking about mental health issues can be challenging; this is why you should attempt to reach out to the community with events that foster awareness and honesty.  By showing your community that there is nothing wrong with the people who suffer from mental health issues, you can help eliminate some of the stigmas surrounding the individuals with mental illnesses.

Foster an Environment of Sharing

May cultures struggle to address issues associated with mental illness, leaving people to suffer alone in fear and silence.  To avoid this from happening, encourage your family to have an honest conversation about mental health issues.  If one of your loved ones does express that they have been dealing with symptoms on their own, take the necessary steps to get them the support and help that they need.  No one should feel alone on their mental health journey.

These are some of the suggestions that you should try to get involved this National Mental Health Awareness Month.  Looking for assistance with your small business insurance this May?  We at PMC Insurance Group are experts on small business insurance and can help you get the coverage you need.  Contact us today to learn more about getting competitive coverage for your small business clients.

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