Make Work During Summer Fun

The days of summer vacation are long gone and nothing but memories at the recesses of our minds, but does work have to suck the fun out of summer? (Answer: Not entirely.) 

Many of us will remember the days before we entered the workforce and enjoyed our summer by the pool, going to theme parks, read outside under a grand oak tree, hang out with friends, or simply do nothing. Times we all wish we could have back.

But life moves forward, and the adult world comes quick and can sponge suck the fun out of life if not well balanced. Employees like to feel appreciated. It not only boosts their morale, it boost their productivity; they want to work hard for someone that treats them well. As the summer approaches, here are a few ways that employers can make the summer months a bit more bearable for their employees.

How to Create a Fun Summer

Catch a Game

If you have any home teams in or around your town, an outing to one of those games can be a lot of fun. Baseball offers the perfect venue because it is fun for both avid watchers and people who couldn’t care less about it. It truly is all about the experience and socializing with great friends. (And drinking a cold one doesn’t hurt either!) Employees feel appreciated because they are being treated to a game and will go to work next Monday feeling a sense of worth.

Sports Challenges

Summer is a great time to get outside, and all employees know it. Organizing a sports event like kickball, ping-pong, cornhole, or other fun, casual outdoor game is great for everyone. Beer, music, and food make any outdoor activity great for all levels of competition and athletic ability. Part of the fun is keeping it light: some people enjoy competing, others just like playing, while other don’t want to play but can still join the fun as spectators and unofficial tie breakers.

Ice Cream Social

Treats are always a big hit with employees and ice cream during a hot day is sure to be a home run. You can hire an ice cream truck to come to your workplace and treat your employees to a nice cold, creamy dessert.

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