Last-Mile Delivery: Best Practices for an Effective Strategy

With the rise of eCommerce and Information Technology (IT) in recent years, logistics companies are expected to deliver packages within days. Several logistics companies have realized this and are even offering same-day deliveries. One aspect in common between these companies is that they implement best practices through a robust and strengthened last-mile delivery infrastructure.

Last-mile delivery, the final stage of the supply chain procedure, has played a crucial role in companies adapting to the evolving sector of logistics and supply chain management. A successful last-mile delivery plan not only helps to optimize delivery time but also devises methods to achieve deliveries cost-effectively.

Here are the best practices for optimizing last-mile delivery that every logistics company should include in its infrastructure:

Automation of Operations

Active utilization of IT in logistics operations can effectively rule out human errors and delays. The results have been fascinating in past years, and nowadays, logistics companies are even considering delivery fleets of drones and robots to optimize transport.

Real-Time Tracking of Assets

A customer is quite entrusting when they are aware of their package movement in real-time. With asset tracking technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), it is possible to predict and track delivery time better, and customers can be made aware of even small details of package movements.

Outsource Key Services If Needed

Placing together robust practices optimizing the last-miledelivery system is not possible for most organizations as it involves a high upfront cost. Outsourcing some elements of last-mile delivery like transportation is a viable option.

Adequate Customer Support and Integration

If you want to make your customers happy, offer them the best customer support and integration in the form of a 24/7 communication channel, real-time asset tracking, and remedy resolution. A key aspect of optimizing last-mile delivery is how effectively you handle your customers.

The eCommerce and IT infrastructure will drive the logistics industry towards handling more packages with shorter delivery responses, whereas the customers you retain will depend on your last-mile delivery strategy. If you are looking for some business insurance tips or have any questions, contact the experts at PMC Insurance Group. We are ready to assist you with all your commercial insurance needs today.

By PMC Insurance Group

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