Keep Your Staff and Patients Protected During the Pandemic

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become essential to stay protected. Also, it is imperative to protect your staff that comes to hospitals. Nursing rooms have become very crowded, and this brings in the need to keep your team safe while making visits.

People are trying their best to keep everything clean and germ-free. This gets even more crucial when we are talking about hospitals. In hospitals, extra measures should be taken to keep the environment healthy and hygienic. Hospitals should have an acute infection and prevention control system. This system is important to safeguard the lives of the patients and the staff working at the hospitals. Some strict guidelines have to be followed to make the hospitals ready for service.

Steps to Prepare the Nursing Home During an Outbreak

  1. Every nursing home must have an individual who has adequate training in infection prevention and control. They should be able to make quick decisions and prepare the hospital for the outbreak. Also, they should know how to run errands and delegate work during an emergency.
  2. Set up an infection surveillance cubicle right outside your nursing home. This will help to identify patients and treat them accordingly. This will also keep the high-risk patients already present in the hospital safe.
  3. The hospital should not be overcrowded at any point in time. Make sure to implement social distancing norms and restrict group activities and meetings inside the nursing home.
  4. Call the staff and employees in shifts. It will help you avoid unnecessary crowding at your nursing home and facilitate accessible services during a pandemic.
  5. Make sure to implement all guidelines coming from a prominent health organization, local government, etc.
  6. Record all the cases and report them to the higher authorities weekly. This will ensure that no patient is off the records of the healthcare officials.
  7. Put out display boards with instructions and dos and don’ts. Educating everyone is very important, as people may be unaware of what has to be done to protect themselves and others.
  8. All your workers should follow practices like wearing a mask, using sanitizers, and following social distancing.

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