Insurance Coverage for Businesses on the Move

Find out what types of insurance you need if your business relies on travel.

If your own your own small business, then having certain small business insurance policies are a no brainer.  For instance, having policies such as commercial property and business liability insurance just makes sense.  However, what kind of coverage do you need when business operations require you to leave your main offices?  Here are some of the additional coverages you need if your business requires travel.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

Many businesses require their employees to drive to nearby destinations.  If your employees use their own cars to meet with clients, you might assume that their personal auto insurance will cover them.  However, most personal auto policies will not cover work-related driving.  To ensure that your employees are covered, you will need to get commercial auto insurance.  If your employees travel using company vehicles, then commercial auto insurance is a must.

  • Inland Marine Insurance

While commercial property insurance is great for covering businesses that have physical storefronts and street addresses, this type of coverage will not offer protection for businesses such as wedding photographers, landscapers, constructions companies, and so on.  To address these coverage gaps, your business should consider inland marine insurance.  This type of insurance is known as a “floater policy” which means that the coverage moves with the property that it covers.  If your covered property is damaged in transit or away from the primary business address, then this coverage will kick in.

  • Special Event Insurance

If your business regularly hosts conferences, holiday parties, trade shows, and other off-site business gatherings, then you will need special coverages.  Because these events are not technically part of your normal business operations, your general liability insurance might not cover any accidents and injuries that happen during the event.  In this case, you might have to invest in special event insurance.  This type of insurance will cover incidents such as an attendee getting injured.

These are some of policies that businesses on the move might need.  Remember, the best way to keep your business safe is by having the proper small business insurance protections in place.  We at PMC Insurance Group are experts on small business insurance and can help you get the coverage you need.  Contact us today to learn more about getting competitive coverage for your small business clients.

By PMC Insurance Group

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