Insurance Agents Expand Business with Longshore Workers Comp

The Longshore Workers Comp or USL&H coverage is one of the policies many insurance agents suggest to clients that operate near or on bodies of water. Here is everything you need to know about Longshore Workers’ Comp.

Who Qualifies for the Policy?

If a client works near or on navigable waters such as lakes, oceans, or rivers, they need Longshore Workers’ Comp.

Which Businesses Fall Under Workers’ Comp for Longshore?

There are a variety of businesses covered under Longshore Workers Comp:

  1. Transportation
  2. Marine construction
  3. Environmental contractors
  4. Ship repair and building
  5. Gas and oil contractors
  6. Construction

Benefits of Longshore Workers’ Comp

Benefits of Longshore coverage vary. It eradicates gaps in the coverage provided by the state act policy, it saves employers from hefty fines, and it protects brokers from E&O.

Longshore Workers’ Comp Success Story

After contacting every market available, as well as other wholesalers, this agency contacted PMC. We leveraged our Longshore expertise and great relationships to seal the deal!

Success Story: Our agent partner needed help with their client – a company involved in Industrial, Infrastructure and Marine Construction – which had a multi-state manufacturing risk and needed USL&H coverage.  Before contacting PMC the agent went to every market available and even some other wholesalers, but no one could help.

We leveraged our USL&H expertise and great relationship with our partner carrier and their USL&H Construction division to quote and bind coverage. We are one of very few agents and wholesalers who have a relationship with this division, and because of that, we could help our agent get this done.

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By PMC Insurance Group

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