What Injuries Are NOT Covered by Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ compensation in MA is supposed to cover employees’ injuries, but there are some which are not covered by this kind of insurance.

It is the state law that governs a company’s workers’ compensation in MA model, thus, which injuries are and aren’t covered by workers’ compensation differs from state to state. Typically, an injury that is directly related to work will be covered under your state’s workers’ comp litigation. This means that injuries that happened while you were working, or a disease or illness arose from your job conditions, will very likely mount to a workers’ compensation claim. But there are some injuries which may not be covered that you should know about.

Injuries That Are Not Covered

First Aid Treatment

If injuries can be completely healed by a classic first-aid kit, the damage is not severe enough to warrant a workers’ compensation claim. Things like cuts, scrapes, small wounds, or even a slight headache do not merit a claim. On the other hand, if the chemicals with which employees work cause them regular headaches, a claim may be warranted.

Non-Workplace Injuries

Things, like commuting and going out for lunch, are not considered to be within the scope of the workplace; thus, they are not covered by workers’ compensation. Horseplay and fighting, whether sober or inebriated, also fall outside of the workers’ compensation in MA coverage.

Mental Health Conditions

This is tricky and varies from state to state. Most people experience stress in the workplace to some extent, so a claim may not be covered. But if you believe that you have a stress-related workplace injury or condition, visit your doctor and possibly talk to a lawyer about filing a claim.

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