Independent Insurance Agents: Ways to Stay in Touch With Clients

Connecting with clients is key for independent insurance agents. Fortunately, these tools can help!

In our digital age, what sets independent insurance agents apart from the major carriers and their online presence? Relationships. The primary reason someone would choose to go to you for coverage – rather than choosing the theoretically more convenient online route – is that you can get to know him or her and offer personalized help. So in order to keep your clients, you need to keep your relationships strong. These suggestions can help you do exactly that!

Have a foundation.

Before you can maintain a relationship, you first need to build it! Engage your clients in conversation and follow them on social media. As you get to know the person, you’ll be better able to pinpoint his or her personal or commercial insurance needs.

Reach out.

Email and social media are powerful tools for staying in touch. Use your management system to set up regular reminders to reach out digitally. For example, setting up an email to go out to your clients on their birthdays is a thoughtful way to let them know you’re invested in them personally.

Ask for feedback.

Can’t think of a reason to get in touch? Ask your clients for feedback. Not only does this show that you care about providing the best service, it can also give you tangible ideas on how to improve and grow your business.

Show gratitude.

Say thank you to your clients for their ongoing business. You can do this by sending out helpful information on your blog, hosting a webinar, offering a special as they approach their renewal dates, and advising them on other lines of coverage that could help them.

So you can have more time and energy to put towards connecting with your clients, let us handle your workers’ compensation insurance needs. We serve thousands of independent insurance agents across the nation by providing solutions for those hard-to-cover clients. We’ll help you offer your accounts more options while giving you less work if you simply contact PMC Insurance Group today!

By PMC Insurance Group

Since 1996, PMC Insurance Group has worked to help independent agents grow their client base by offering workers' compensation solutions for a wide array of businesses. As one of the most distinguished workers' compensation wholesalers in the country, we have the tools and resources to help you create coverage programs for both small businesses and large accounts.