Improving Staff Retention in Nursing Homes

The healthcare sector is certainly amidst the most difficult times due to the pandemic. Staff retention is one of the most common problems faced by healthcare facilities.

It is further magnified with some factors prevalent throughout the healthcare industry. Below are some of the common issues impacting employee retention in today’s environment:

  • Understaffing which leads to burnout
  • On-the-job work injuries which keep employees out of work for extended periods of time
  • Unorganized workspaces and working conditions which cause added stress
  • Low pay rates

Studies of staff retention in the healthcare industry show:

  • A high rate of attrition among paraprofessionals and healthcare professionals
  • Attrition among licensed and registered nurses are significantly higher than staff in other industries
  • The caretaker burnout phenomenon causing chronic exhaustion and adverse effects is real

However, there are steps that can be followed to improve staff retention in healthcare facilities:

Balance Workload and Benefits

Providing a high salary may not be possible, but offering a small incentive and/or salary increase quarterly, every six months or annually can help employees stay engaged. Also, making sure to balance employees’ workload is important to prevent injuries and accidents – and the high costs that result from them.

Exercise Team-Building Practices

Research shows that human connection leads to employee happiness and better job performance. Team-building exercises can help to build bonds as employees get to know each other. When they feel part of a team, they support each other, work harder, and appreciate each other’s efforts and excellence at work. When employees feel they are important and their work is appreciated, retention rates can be positively impacted.

Adopt Staff Wellness Policies

Wellness programs like stress management, meditation, and yoga help to maintain mental and emotional health which can reduce mental distractions and minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. Plus, when employees are offered wellness programs, they feel that their employers care about them, and they are more motivated at work.

Following these tips can help to improve staff retention in nursing homes.

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