Improve Productivity in the Office with These Tips

Don’t let the 3:00 p.m. slump drain your independent insurance agency! Here are three ways you can boost office productivity.

At PMC Insurance Group, our goal is to help independent insurance agencies across the country thrive. We know the risks you face – from hard-to-place policies to workplace fatigue. We can help with the former (check out our programs and products), but we didn’t want to leave you to struggle with the latter on your own. Here are three tips you can pass along to your team to help boost office productivity.

  1. Start Strong. Getting your day off on the right foot creates momentum that can carry you through until 5 (or at least until lunch). Encourage your team to start their day making a to-do list so they have specific goals they can focus on accomplishing. Then, make a habit of putting your nose to the grindstone for the first hour. You’ll be amazed how much you can accomplish if you knock out emails and voicemails before you finish your cup of coffee.
  2. Allow Breaks. You might think that time not working hurts productivity, but it turns out the opposite is true. Short breaks throughout the day can boost productivity since employees come back to their desks feeling refreshed. Consider holding a walking meeting instead of the usual conference room gathering. This can break up the day enough to jumpstart your employees!
  3. Create a Conducive Workspace. Let your employees listen to music, create a comfortable workstation, and bring personal water bottles. Hydration, comfort, and tunes can help them feel happy, which bolsters their enthusiasm to get work done!

One of the biggest causes for an afternoon slump is coming up against a problem that feels unsolvable. If you’re struggling to insure a challenging account, contact PMC Insurance Group. We have a broad range of programs, products, and agent resources that are specifically designed to support you!

By PMC Insurance Group

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