3 Impressive Skills You Can Learn Quickly!

Want to feel more productive and impress your friends? Try mastering one of these skills you can learn in six months!

It’s never too late in life to learn a new skill. Sometimes we tend to think that if we didn’t learn it in college, we can’t learn it now. But that’s far from the truth! In fact, with a little focus, determination, and perseverance, you can learn to do almost anything! If you’re not ready to dedicate your whole life to mastering something new, here are three skills you can learn in under six months.

  1. Strength Training. Imagine living in your healthiest body. Weight training could help you bring that dream to life! Lifting weights doesn’t just make you stronger. It increases your endurance, builds stronger bones, decreases fat-to-muscle ratio in your body, reduces your risk for injury, and can even help with balance! All you need is a set of weights! Head to YouTube to get started. In six months, you can transform your health.
  2. Public Speaking. Shaking in your boots? It’s time to conquer this unfounded fear! Start small (e.g. offer to give a presentation to a couple of colleagues) and work your way up. Toastmasters can help you find a local club where you can get training and other practice opportunities.
  3. Accounting. Math isn’t most people’s favorite thing, but knowing basic accounting can benefit everyone. You’ll feel more in control of your money, better able to meet your financial goals, and you’ll thank yourself for this skill at tax season! Study.com has a list of eight colleges and universities offering free accounting courses to get you started.

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By PMC Insurance Group

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