How Truckers are Braving COVID-19

Coronavirus has created a global crisis, demanding extraordinary measures from governments. These precautionary steps, though incredible, have created a spotlight on the trucking industry. As billions sit confined within their home, the truckers ensure that the supply chain remains uninterrupted.

There is an outpour of appreciation for truckers from home dwellers who feel grateful for their service. It is their commitment that is keeping our kitchen shelves stacked with necessities even in these extreme times.

Keeping the Supply Chain Moving

The vast appreciation for truckers during the crisis comes from the fact that they are risking their health for the nation. It is their hard work that is keeping the products moving from their source to every place where they are required. The job of a truck driver is demanding and hectic in this current crisis. They are responsible for the safe and timely movement of goods.

The Current Positive Spotlight on Truckers

People are thanking these truck drivers in every possible way. Social media channels like Twitter are abuzz with thankful tweets, appreciating the hard work of each truck driver, and wishing them good health.

Sayings like ‘If you got it, a truck brought it’ are being circulated widely. If people are relieved and comfortable in their homes right now, it is only because of the uninterrupted supply of all essential items. Had it not been the case, we would be witnessing chaos on the streets. So, we should treat these front line workers with respect and gratitude.

Most trucking companies are keeping their workers equipped with essential safety equipment for safe operations. In addition to these safety measures, truck drivers should be protected with the right workers’ compensation insurance. For more information or to speak with one of our workers’ compensation insurance experts, contact us at PMC Insurance Group. (877) PMC-COMP or

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