How to Properly Lift and Transport Patients in a Home Healthcare Setting

Proper lifting techniques for home healthcare providers.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that back, neck, and shoulder sprains and strains are the most common injuries that home healthcare workers sustain.  These injuries are often sustained when a worker lifts and moves patients.  To reduce the chance of injury, try out these proper lifting techniques for home healthcare providers.

Safe Lifting

To safely lift and transport patients, home healthcare workers should try the following tips:

  • To safely lift and transport patients, home healthcare workers should try the following tips.
  • Plant feet firmly as close to the patient as possible.
  • Face the patient, bend knees slightly, and squat in preparation of a lift. Hold in abdominals and keep back straight.  This will increase lifting strength.
  • Stay as close to the person as possible, so excess strain is not placed on the back by leaning over and reaching.
  • When turning a patient over from back to side, plant feet and avoid bending forward as much as possible.
  • Point feet towards the patient. Place one foot between the patient’s feet and one foot on the outside for optimal stability.
  • Use gentle, rocking motions to move a patient.
  • When pulling a patient from an adjustable bed, lower the head of the bed until it is flat. Raise the patient’s knees and ask them to push up from the bed.
  • Move around the patient’s bed so you can position yourself in a safe way, minimizing the amount of stretching, reaching, and bending that you have to do.
  • Use a hoist to lift patients who don’t have the strength to stand and walk on their own.
  • Grab bars, adjustable beds, and raised toilet seats can improve leverage and prevent awkward and unsafe postures.
  • Use slip sheets and other friction-reducing devices to reduce the effort needed to move a patient.

Follow these proper lifting techniques for home healthcare providers.  Want another way to keep your home healthcare staff safe?  Then make sure you have the right workers compensation insurance in place.  For assistance with all your commercial coverage needs, contact the experts at PMC Insurance Group today.

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