How to Raise Your Agency Rating

Does your agency have less-than-favorable reviews? Here are a few tips on how you can raise your agency rating.

How do you review and ultimately decide on the products you consider buying? Do you ask a family member or friend, or do you read reviews on Yelp or Amazon? A study performed by BrightLocal concluded that 88 percent of people read online reviews before making a purchase or going with one company or the other.

This is why having quality and positive reviews online are important to the success of your business. But there’s more to just good reviews, they must be credible and of a reasonable number.

A boost of just one star on Yelp can increase a company’s revenues anywhere from 5 to 9 percent. Furthermore, when a company or product has a rating of four stars or higher, 92 percent of customers are willing to conduct business with it.

But convincing customers to take time from their precious lives and write a positive review for your business is the hardest. It does not take much to get a customer to write a negative review. You have to expect some not-so-positive reviews and how you handle those will determine the true measure of positive results.

People are already hesitant to purchase insurance so if you are an independent insurance agent, it is imperative that your ratings are favorable. People want their insurance process to be as smooth as possible and want to know their insurance company will treat them like people.

Social media plays a significant role in your clients’ eyes, too. The more Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media activity you have, the better stature you have.

How Do You Measure?

The most important online resources that help your business are Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and mobile.

Facebook – It’s the one most people are familiar with. You must note your number of likes, date of your last post, and average number of posts per month. Come up with a strategy to engage users and post content that will drive the most traffic to your site.

Twitter – Some people simply don’t “get” Twitter, but it’s an important facet of social media. Record the number of daily tweets and followers. Your goal should be to tweet things that will attract the most people.

Yelp – If you have a business, putting it on Yelp is crucial. It is how the majority of people will look and hope to find something pleasant. The better your reviews, the better your company will be.

Mobile – People are always on the go and rely on their phone for nearly everything. If your website is not optimized for mobile, you are excluding hundreds or thousands of potential clients.

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By PMC Insurance Group

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